Flachlandgorilla sitzt schuechternd auf einem Baumstamm

Odzala intensive

Congo Round Trip | Duration: 7 nights

Best time to travel
June - September and December - February
Flight time
11 hrs from Frankfurt
from 11.350 € per person plus flights

Congo trip - Odzala intensive

This seven-day round trip takes you into the heart of the Congo Basin with its distinctive flora and fauna. Dense rainforests, swampy areas and beautiful rivers meet vast landscapes. Gorillas and hundreds of bird species are the focus of the area, but many other animals may also call this place home. Look forward to an adventure that will appeal to all your senses and make this an unforgettable trip!


Zwei Huetten umgeben von dichtem Regenwald

Day 1

Welcome to Africa

The starting point in the Republic of Congo is the capital Brazzaville: From the Maya Maya airport, you will take a two-hour flight to Odzala, from where a three-hour drive through the Odzala-Kokoua National Park to Ngaga Camp will take you. The gorilla research team is already waiting for you to give your first insights into the world of the jungle. You will get a well-deserved refreshment during dinner at the camp. Afterwards, a forest chalet awaits you, where you can comfortably end the day of your arrival.

AccommodationNgaga Camp
Frau steht in einem Fluss und beobachtet Voegel

Day 2 - 3

Hike through the rainforest

Today your Congo adventure really starts! You will go in search of the Western lowland gorillas amidst the dense evergreen rainforest. When they are not hiding, you can get exciting glimpses of the wildlife of our ancestors. In addition, there is a diverse flora and fauna to explore, which provides a lot of fascination for many. It is rare to see so many colourful birds, some of which get amazingly close to humans. You will have a special end of the day with a sundowner at the Ngaga River.

AccommodationNgaga Camp
Flachlandgorilla steht auf allen Vier und ein Baby liegt auf dem Ruecken

Day 4

Gorilla Trekking

Fascinated by the past gorilla trekking, you are drawn into the forest again today. After the initial shyness in front of the forest dwellers is overcome, the gorillas also show themselves more trusting and go about their day unperturbed. So you get once more an authentic picture of African Wildlife. In the afternoon, you are allowed to sit down again with the gorilla research team and learn interesting details about the animals. The highlight of the day is a night walk through the rainforest, where nocturnal forest life comes to light.

AccommodationNgaga Camp
Elefant steht mit den Fuessen in einem Fluss und schaut neugierig zur Kamera

Day 5 - 6

Forest elephant observation

In the morning, enjoy a little downtime - relax on your veranda, breathe in the rainforest air and listen to the sounds of your surroundings before heading to your next stop, Lango Camp. A kayak ride past swamps, grasslands and open savannahs will take you impressively across the Lekoli River. Look out for hippos and crocodiles and discover other sides of breathtaking nature.

Spend your time walking in the forest through the swampland, and keep an eye out for elephants that love to wallow in the swamp here.

AccommodationLango Camp
Kajaks auf einem Fluss umgeben von dichtem Regenwald

Day 7

Continue to Mboko Camp

Breakfast today will take place in a special place: In the middle of the swamp, you can enjoy an incomparable view. Afterwards, you will walk along a wooden path through the swamp until you are taken to Mboko Camp. Surrounded by wide, green landscapes, you can relax here in the best way. However, if you are looking for the next adventure without taking a breather, you can head to the nearby forest and experience a river cruise after the walk.

AccommodationMboko Camp
Leute wandern durch einen kniehohen Fluss und sind umgeben von Regenwald

Day 8

Highlight: Swimming in the Lekoli River

The area is wonderful to explore with a guided hike through the forest. But also from the camp you get a great overview of the surroundings. Just decide what you feel like doing today - either way, you will get your money's worth. If you didn't go on a river trip yesterday, you'll get another chance today. And refreshment in the river is also possible: the Lekoli is suitable for swimming and provides an extraordinary bathing experience.

AccommodationMboko Camp
Mann aus Brazzaville steht mit einem Gehstock vor einer blauen Mauer

Day 9

Final stop Brazzaville

All good things come to an end. Even though it may be hard for you, today is the return flight to Brazzaville. With a lot of memories for life in your luggage, you can spend more days in the capital of the country, sightseeing and enjoying the urban atmosphere.

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