Eine Frau steht im Regenwald bis zum Oberkoerper in einem Fluss und schaut in die Luft

Congo Basin Adventure

Congo Roundtrip | Duration: 11 nights

Best time to travel
June - September and December - February
Flight time
11 hrs. from Frankfurt
from 17.995 € per person plus flights

Congo Tours - Congo Basin Adventure

Follow in the footsteps of the endangered western lowland gorillas, watch the impressive elephants at play in the swampy terrain, marvel at countless bird species and look forward to seeing other particularly exotic animals! You can experience all this in the Republic of Congo - accompanied by a lush tropical flora, which shines in rich green and presents a multifaceted picture with its rivers, swamps and savannahs.


Offenes Safarifahrzeug faehrt durch einen Fluss im Regenwald

Day 1

Welcome to Congo

After arriving at Brazzaville Maya airport, the capital in the south of Congo, a scheduled flight will take you in two hours to Odzala in the centre of the country. Within three hours, you will then reach Odzala-Kokoua National Park, where you will be warmly welcomed at Ngaga Camp. Here you will also have your first meeting with the gorilla research team, which you will have the opportunity to get to know better during a dinner together. Finally, on your first night in Africa, you can recover from the long journey in a luxurious forest chalet.

AccommodationNgaga Camp
Flachlandgorilla haengt seitlich an einem Ast herunter

Day 2

In search of the gorillas

The next day starts with a great adventure: During a guided gorilla trekking, you will get first insights into the exciting life of the western lowland gorillas. Experience the gorilla families up close and be fascinated by the tropical environment. With more than four hundred bird species, bird watching here becomes an absolute highlight. It becomes especially idyllic towards evening when nature is bathed in soft sunlight and the last rays of the day sparkle on the waters of the Ngaga-River.

AccommodationNgaga Camp
Viele gruene Voegel fliegen von rechts nach links

Day 3

Exploration of the rainforest

If the gorillas do not show themselves right away, there is another chance today. Every day is different and holds new surprises. In addition, the gorilla research team will be available again to introduce you to the world of gorillas with interesting insights. And there are also other primate species, other mammals, insects and butterflies to discover in this nature-rich area. Finally, after sunset, an exciting night hike awaits you: Here, the forest shows another fascinating side under the dazzling starry sky. The darkness of the night focuses on the sounds that cannot be heard during the day.

AccommodationNgaga Camp
Ausgetrockneter Flusslauf im Odzala Nationalpark

Day 4

Onward journey to Lango Camp

You will catch cultural insights during a drive through the village of Mbomo. Impressions of the village life of the locals as well as sightseeing at the Odzala-Kokoua National Park, determine the way to Mboko Camp, where a stopover with reinforcement awaits you. Then it's on to Lango Camp: here, you can look forward to a kayak tour across the Lekoli River. Pass open savannahs, swamps and grasslands and keep an eye out for hippos and crocodiles. Later in the day, if you like, you can embark on the next adventure and go exploring on a hike.

AccommodationLango Camp
Ein Kajak auf einem Fluss umgeben von zahlreichen Baeumen

Day 5 - 6

Swamp meets rainforest

The first of the next two days starts in a humid way: During a morning walk through the Bai - a clearing in a fertile swamp landscape - you can experience the African environment in a different way. Surrounded by tall trees and dense bushes, you will enter a favourite habitat of elephants. Here you can observe the magnificent spectacle of the giants raging in the mud. But also, the dry area of the forest invites you again to a hike to inspect all that could not be glimpsed the day before.

AccommodationLango Camp
Eine Bueffelherde auf einer Lichtung

Day 7

By boat across the Sangha River

After about a week, you will continue by plane to Kabo. There, a four to six-hour boat trip across the breathtakingly beautiful Sangha River is already waiting for you. The protected area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is an important lifeline for traditional fishermen. Look forward to picturesque scenery and let your soul dangle during this dreamlike trip.

AccommodationSangha Lodge
Ein Mann zeigt zwei anderen Leuten etwas

Day 8 - 9

The Diversity of the Dzanga Sangha Sanctuary

Around a remote bay, you can admire the diverse fauna and flora of this area. From forest elephants and forest buffalos to bongos, chimpanzees, leopards and brush-eared pigs, there are plenty of exotic animals waiting for you at this place.

If you are in the mood for something cultural, you can help build huts or learn about the teaching of medicinal plants from the locals.

AccommodationSangha Lodge
Ein Elefant laeuft von links nach rechts und ist voll mit schlamm

Day 10

The Valley of the Elephants

Today the Valley of the Giants is waiting for you: By boat you will be brought to the starting point of today's hike, where you will be guided into the habitat of the pachyderms. But also nature has to offer impressive with the highest trees in the Congo Basin. One after the other, you may let yourself be taken in by the overwhelming treasures of the African continent.

AccommodationSangha Lodge
Drei Afrikaner mit traditioneller Kleidung aus Brazzaville laufen der Kamera entgegen

Day 11 - 12

Conclusion of the trip

Downstream we will go by boat and a following flight back to Mboko Camp. There you can explore the forest once again and end the day romantically with a sundowner at the river Lekoli.

The next morning you will return to Brazzaville. Spend another night in the capital and enjoy the atmosphere of the city or fly directly home with numerous memories in your luggage.

AccommodationMboko Camp

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