Flusslauf inmitten eines Regenwald von oben

Untouched nature as far as the eye can see

The Republic of Congo, often known simply as Congo, is a fascinating destination characterized by its breathtaking scenery and deep cultural roots. As one of the greenest countries in the world, it offers an impressive combination of dense rainforests, expansive rivers and rich fauna, making it a paradise for nature and adventure lovers.

A highlight of any trip to the Republic of Congo is a visit to Odzala-Kokoua National Park. This park is one of the oldest in Africa and covers an area of over 13,600 square kilometers of protected rainforest. It offers a unique opportunity to observe some of the rarest and most endangered animal species in the world, including the western lowland gorilla and the forest elephant.

In addition to nature-related activities, the Odzala-Kokoua National Park also offers the opportunity to get to know the local culture. Visitors can interact with the local communities and learn more about their traditional ways of life, which are closely linked to nature. These encounters enrich the travel experience and offer insights into the harmony between man and nature that prevails in the Republic of Congo.

The Republic of Congo remains an unspoiled gem, rich in natural wonders and cultural treasures. A trip here promises not only adventure and discovery, but also profound encounters and lifelong memories.


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    July - September & January - March

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    From 14.000 € per person plus flights

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    12h from Frankfurt am Main

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    From 7 days

5 reasons to travel to the Republic of Congo


Gorilla Trekking

on the trail of the western lowland gorillas


Odzala-Kokoua National Park

a paradise for adventurers


Forest elephants

in Lango Bai


Untouched nature

a unique rainforest


Bird paradise

home to over 650 documented bird species

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Congo Roundtrip | Duration: 11 nights
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  • On the trail of the lowland gorillas
  • Visit to the Central African Republic
  • Forest elephants, pangolins and many other wild animals
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Flachlandgorilla sitzt schuechternd auf einem Baumstamm
Odzala intensive
Congo Round Trip | Duration: 7 nights
  • Western lowland gorillas
  • Hikes through the jungle
  • Up close and personal with forest elephants
  • The capital Brazzaville
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A trip to the Republic of Congo is a real adventure! The scale of this untouched rainforest is gigantic and makes you feel so small. Secluded and untouched describes the Odzala-Kokoua National Park 100%!

Anja Sterker
Travel Designer

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Worth knowing about the Republic of Congo

Exciting information about your trip to the Republic of Congo


Western Central Africa once again hides a fascinating landscape: The Republic of Congo is characterized by the Congo Basin, which extends from its main area in the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the border in the far west into the Republic of the Congo. There, the Congo River of the same name - the second-longest river in Africa after the Nile - virtually forms the border to the neighboring state over a length of 600 kilometers. Since about a quarter of the world's tropical rainforests are located in this basin, the Republic of Congo is also enriched by a distinctive flora. The country extends over 342,000 square kilometers, which is roughly the area of Germany, and is surrounded by Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the South Atlantic Ocean and Gabon.

Ausgetrockneter Flusslauf im Odzala Nationalpark

Climate and best time to travel

The tropical climate in the Republic of the Congo generates high temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius on average throughout the year. The north and the equator are also characterized by two rainy seasons, which take place between January and May and October and December. The rainy seasons in the south of the country, on the other hand, are shorter.

Ein Fluss umgeben von Baeumen

Flora and Fauna

A characteristic of the rainforests in this area is the tiered structure. The individual tree trunks have different plant species and thus support the diversity of species. For example, teak, limba and mahogany woody plants, strangler plants and lianas can be found here. The highest floor is at a height of 30 to 45 meters, while the tallest tree reaches 60 meters. The rainforest is also home to diverse animal species: from various species of monkeys (including the Western lowland gorillas), forest elephants and countless species of insects and birds, there are plenty of animal inhabitants to discover here. The further you go into the west of the Republic of Congo, the more wet savannahs with grasses you will encounter. These areas are filled with the wildlife of steppe elephants, leopards, cheetahs, antelopes and jackals. Finally, on the coast, a landscape full of mangrove forests stretches out.

Antilope umgeben von hohem Gras

The capital Brazzaville

The capital Brazzaville is located in the southeast of the Republic of Congo and has an area of 100 square kilometres. About 1.83 million inhabitants live in this place. Characteristics are the colonial and Bauhaus-style buildings, which are a legacy of the former French colony. Markets with traditionally produced goods, as well as music festivals, give an insight into the Culture of the country.

Mann aus Brazzaville steht mit einem Gehstock vor einer blauen Mauer

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