Ngaga Camp

Now you can look forward to a trip to the green paradise: At Ngaga Camp, lush, dense greenery awaits you as far as the eye can see. In the southwest of the African continent, this rainforest enchants a particularly lush plant world, of which you will become a part during your stay. In the middle of it, almost hidden in nature, you will find the camp made of wooden elements, protruding between tall trees. The main lodge is connected to the separate accommodation units via walkways, with each area standing on stilts - adding to the nature feel among all the treetops. Completing this adventure are hikes through the tropical flora, where you may follow in the footsteps of the Western lowland gorillas.


The high wooden huts remind of tree houses with a rustic character. Cozily furnished here is a mix of simply kept furniture as well as antique treasures. Natural materials serve as the basis. The living and sleeping areas as well as the bathroom offer a view of the outdoors, creating a natural ambience even inside. The highlight is one of the accommodations with a tent-like sleeping area in the middle of the terrace. A kind of veranda invites you to linger comfortably - the indescribable enjoyment of the surroundings and listening to the sounds of the jungle included.
Strohgecktes Zimmer mit Doppelbett


Meals are shared with all guests, with private dinners as well as cocktail parties made possible upon request. The day starts with a light breakfast, followed by brunch later in the day. Afternoon tea time and an early evening sundowner provide additional downtime. The dining area, covered by a thatched roof, grants a harmonious intake of meals and is complemented by an idyllic lounge area around an open fireplace with the dreamlike view of the rainforest.
Feuerstelle mit Stuehlen


Located in the west of Congo, Ngaga Camp is part of the Ndzehi Forest. The Ngaga River flows right past the site, creating a picturesque scene in addition to a refreshing spring for animals and humans. The location represents home to several gorilla families whose way of life promises exciting wildlife viewing.
Huetten des Ngaga Camps von aussen


Whether via hiking or trekking tours - these observations will be exciting in any case. Both during the day and at night, you may plunge into the rainforest safari adventure. Besides the western lowland gorilla, the area is home to the largest number of primates, such as crowned gorillas, great white-nosed gorillas and blue-nosed gorillas. In addition, over a hundred other mammal species live here, as well as more than four hundred species of birds, insects and hundreds of different butterflies. Ngaga Camp is a true oasis for nature lovers and gorilla fans in particular, allowing travellers to do their part in preserving this wondrous natural environment. The staff of the camp comes from the surrounding villages, and the biodiversity of the reserve as well as the conservation of the lowland gorillas, are subject to conscious protection, which can be further promoted through tourism.
Leute beobachten Flachlandgorilla im Wald

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