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Interspersed with mighty termite mounds, the grassland around your destination rests: Mboko Camp welcomes adventure-hungry nature lovers. Enter a safari area that is still considered a true insider tip and stay in one of the dozens of rooms in the middle of a species-rich national park in the African Congo. Set in a large clearing, the traditional-style camp welcomes guests. The open design combines only the best of two different worlds: Immerse yourself in the pristine world of the rainforest and overlook the expanses of lush green grasslands. Visitors don't have to go far to spot rare animals: Rainforest dwellers such as pheasant antelopes and water buffalo cavort right outside the front door.


Mboko Camp counts twelve suites. Thatched and built on the lush green of the grasslands, the open design of the cabins invites you to linger after daily exploration tours. Two of the twelve rooms have been specially designed for families. Each one blends harmoniously into the forest landscape of the national park thanks to traditional construction methods. You can hear the lapping of the Lekoli River from the private veranda. Since each accommodation unit scores with its own viewing deck and comfortable deck chairs, you can also simply enjoy the hustle and bustle of Odzala-Kokoua Park in intimate togetherness - surrounded by breathtaking flora and fauna.
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Dine on the wooden platform standing in the open grassland, covered with bamboo palm fronds in typical country style. In the longhouse with its pointed roof, the house's hardworking team serves breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. Since all sides of the longhouse are open, you have a great view outside from every table. Characterized by dark woods, the restaurant's interior also blends in with its surroundings. Dine at one of the double and group tables or make yourself comfortable in one of the wicker recliners. A massive fire bowl is ready for evening bonfires, just waiting for exciting stories to be told by crackling lights. Guests will find a barbecue under a large arbor on a wooden platform that overlooks the shore and houses several tables and seating areas. Furthermore, Mboko Camp has a bar as well as a lounge.
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Mboko Camp is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa. It is the second-largestA state on the continent. Only a few roads cross the Odzala-Kokoua National Park, which is one of the oldest national parks in Africa. Close to the border with Gabon, in the northwest of Congo, it covers 1,260km². Over 400 species of birds and 114 species of mammals inhabit Odzala-Kokoua, roaming flooded clearings and among the treetops. Your accommodation stretches along the banks of the Lekoli River in the southern part of the Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the Republic of Congo - surrounded by majestic termite mounds and, thanks to its location between rainforest and grasslands, amidst a variety of magnificent greens.
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Wade through the waters of the rainforest and explore the surrounding area around Mboko Camp with guided guides. Both the savannah and the dense rainforest of Congo can be explored with the camp as a base. The trained guides know the area like the back of their hand and are happy to take guests on one of the many activities - whether on foot, in a boat or in a rugged off-road vehicle. Rare animals such as the shy forest elephants, which with a bit of luck can be observed on banks while drinking, as well as various species of monkeys can be seen. If you are really lucky, you will spot a hippopotamus. The savannah landscape not far from the camp is littered with termite mounds and is home to hyenas, aardvarks, servals and a variety of other wildlife.
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