Lango Camp

An untouched landscape, picturesque impressions and a diverse flora and fauna characterize the region around Lango Camp. From here you get an impressive overview of a magical natural spectacle. All this is preserved by the active protection of the rainforest and the animals - sustainability is clearly the focus of the camp. Walking safaris bring you closer to this natural wonder and let you not only experience it first hand, but also feel it. An adventure through and through awaits you at this special spot on earth, see for yourself.


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    Republic of Congo

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    Odzala-Kokoua National Park

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    June - September


In the private accommodations, the sky is the limit: six round tree houses covered with a thatched roof offer a wonderful view of the lagoon. Each chalet is built from natural materials such as bamboo and raffia palms and can accommodate two people. Built on stilts, they reach up into the treetops. Surrounded by the dense green of the rainforest, an incomparable feeling of nature is created here, which can already be enjoyed from the bed thanks to the large glass front. The interior, furnished with light, bright fabrics, creates a cozy impression and provides everything guests need. Besides, the veranda located in front of the window promises an idyllic time with nature-rich impressions of a fascinating area.
Innenansicht eines Gaestezimmers des Lango Camps


The day at Lango Camp begins with a light breakfast followed by a balanced brunch. Afternoon tea time takes place, and the evening is ushered in with a sundowner. The camp's simple but harmoniously designed restaurant is located on a circular platform and exudes a homey ambience, especially in the evening hours. Warm lighting elements are distributed throughout the dining area. Surrounded by trees and the sounds of nature, guests can look forward to convivial hours under an open starry sky. If desired, dinner can also be served in private - the river jetty, for example, provides a great backdrop for this.
See mit kleinem Steg wo Getraenke zubereitet werden


In the south of the Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Lango Camp scores with the large lagoon located on a forest edge and impresses with a unique view. The area is located in the middle of the Congo Basin and belongs to the second-largest tropical rainforest in the world. A whole 13,500 km² comprises the biosphere reserve and represents the habitat of the endangered western lowland gorillas. They are joined by numerous forest elephants and a distinct birdlife. The characteristic of this area is its extraordinary biological diversity.
Ausgetrockneter Flusslauf im Odzala Nationalpark


Nature exploration is clearly the order of the day at this place. With the lagoon, the surrounding savannah and the rainforest, there is plenty to discover and marvel at. You can expect a lot of water and mud: In some places, the muddy ground can be waded through up to the waist. In addition, normal hikes as well as kayak or boat trips complement the tours. Especially bird lovers will be fascinated by the huge flocks of African green pigeons and the gray parrots. You can even get amazingly close to the forest birds - they move up to three or four meters above the ground and show little shyness towards humans. But also buffalos, antelopes and other large animals can be observed here wonderfully.
Frau beobachtet Voegel im Regenwald

Experience this lodge on your Republic of Kongo trip

Eine Frau steht im Regenwald bis zum Oberkoerper in einem Fluss und schaut in die Luft
Congo Basin Adventure
Congo Roundtrip | Duration: 11 nights
  • Deep insights into the diversity of the Congo Basin
  • On the trail of the lowland gorillas
  • Visit to the Central African Republic
  • Forest elephants, pangolins and many other wild animals
Flachlandgorilla sitzt schuechternd auf einem Baumstamm
Odzala intensive
Congo Round Trip | Duration: 7 nights
  • Western lowland gorillas
  • Hikes through the jungle
  • Up close and personal with forest elephants
  • The capital Brazzaville

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