Zwei Geparden auf einem Stein

Mountain gorillas and the Big 5

Uganda and Kenya Roundtrip | Duration: 15 nights

Best time to travel
June - September and December - February
Flight time
12 hrs from Frankfurt
ab 12.950 € pro Person zzgl. Flüge


Pure Africa! Experience the multifaceted Africa and go on an adventurous journey through Uganda and Kenya. A highlight of your trip awaits you right at the beginning - a visit to gorillas in the deep jungle of Uganda. Experience the majestic animals up close - an unforgettable experience. Afterwards, your round trip will take you to Kenya to the Masai Mara, which is rich in wildlife. Look out for the "Big Five" and be inspired by the endless expanses of the national park. On daily game drives you will surely encounter one or the other big cat and maybe you will even travel between July and October and can experience the great animal migration up close. Before your trip comes to an end you will go to the coast of Kenya, where you can review your adventures. On the white sandy beach it is wonderful to relax and unwind.


Sonnenaufgang ueber einem See im Lake Mburo Nationalpark

Day 1

Welcome to Uganda

Landing at Entebbe International Airport, you will be warmly welcomed to Uganda by a representative. You will be driven to your accommodation, where you can rest from your flight, and the excitement of your upcoming adventure in Uganda can grow even more.

Kleiner Berggorilla schaut in die Kamera und klettert auf einem anderen Gorilla

Day 2 - 3

Gorillas in Bwindi National Park

In Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, gorilla tracking can be done at four locations - Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga and Nkuringo. Spread over these regions live a total of 18 gorilla families, which are accustomed to humans and can be visited. After a short briefing, you will march up through the dense rainforest in search of the gentle giants. The ascent can take between one and five hours, depending on where your assigned gorilla family is located. The trail can be steep, muddy and very strenuous, but once you reach your destination and catch sight of the first gorilla, all the hardships and efforts will be forgotten. Watch these gigantic animals feeding and playing before you have to start your way back after an hour. In your luggage, you will have unique memories, and you will never forget this magical experience of being so close to the gentle giants.

Nahaufnahme eines kleinen Loewens

Day 4

Onward journey to the Masai Mara

Today you will fly on to Kenya, directly to the Masai Mara, where an exciting safari adventure awaits you.

Kenya's most famous game reserve, with its grass savannahs, scrubland and acacia forests, provides the ideal habitat for a variety of wildlife and has a particularly high density of predatory cats. Enjoy a cool welcome drink and settle into your luxurious tents before embarking on your first game drive in the afternoon in search of the Big Five.

Gnuherden stuerzen sich Abhaenge herunter und queren den Mara Fluss

Day 5 - 6

Safari in the Masai Mara

Go on classic game drives or on foot safaris and discover the wildlife from a completely different perspective. Every day you have the choice of what you want to do and in which way you want to get to know the impressive landscape and its wildlife. No matter which way you will choose, you will almost certainly encounter some lions, elephants and buffalos and, with a little luck, even leopards, cheetahs and rhinos.

Should you travel to the Masai Mara during the months of July to October, you will have the chance to witness one of the world's greatest wildlife wonders - the Great Migration. Millions of wildebeest migrate from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara in search of fresh grass - a true spectacle.

Mehrere afrikanische Leute mit einer traditionellen bunten Kleidung

Day 7 - 9

The Laikipia Plateau

Ecologically, the Laikipia Plateau is the transition to the central highlands and northern deserts and provides a habitat for rare wildlife such as the Grevy's zebra, black rhino and African wild dog. The plateau consists of numerous private protected areas, each owned by a local community. Go on classic game drives or enjoy time away from the vehicle. Go on nature walks, safaris on horseback or learn about the local community and something about their customs and way of life.

Weisser Strand und rechts der Indische Ozean

Day 10 - 14

Zanzibar dream beaches

You already have some exciting and exhausting days behind you. You have come face to face with a silverback in Uganda and were on the lookout for the Big 5 in the world-famous Masai Mara. Now it's time to reflect on the past days and relax a bit. Finally, you will fly to the beautiful island of Zanzibar. Let your soul dangle and pamper yourself with wellness treatments.

Haengematte zwischen zwei Baumstaemmen am weissen Strand und das blaue Meer im Hintergrund

Day 15

Journey home

After more than two weeks of adventure and many special experiences, today it is unfortunately time to say goodbye to Africa and its animal inhabitants.

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