An aerial shot of Kampala the capital city of Uganda

Ugandas Capital Kampala

Ugandas Capital Kampala

Written by: Dana Leidel Last updated at: June 26, 2024

Kampala is both Uganda's capital and the country's largest city. It has about 1.5 million inhabitants and is located a few kilometres from the northern shore of Lake Victoria. Originally, Kampala was a settlement of the Baganda people. Today, they still make up a large part of the population.

There are two universities in Kampala. Makerere University was founded in 1922, and Kampala University of Technology was founded in 1954. The city is strongly influenced by the time of the Christian mission. There are, among others, the Roman Catholic Rubaga Cathedral and the Anglican Namirembe Cathedral. However, there are also buildings of other religions, such as the Islamic Kabuli Mosque and the Sikh and Hindu temples.

Another cultural site of Kampala are the "Kasumbi Tombs", where the Buganda kings are buried and which have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001.

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