Sonnenaufgang über der Landschaft Ugandas

Uganda Weather

Written by: Dana Leidel Last updated at: June 26, 2024

The period from June to September is the main season in Uganda, thanks to the pleasant dry weather. In these months, most tourists come, although Uganda does not have a problem with mass tourism and therefore, overcrowded national parks are not to be expected during this time. However, you may not be able to get a permit for gorilla trekking.

The low season includes the months of March to May as well as November, as heavy rainfall can occur here. This can cause some lodges to close and trails to be in poor condition.

During the first dry season, which lasts from June to August in southern Uganda, the average temperature is 27° Celsius during the day. It gets colder when the altitude exceeds 1,300 meters. It should be noted that these months in northern Uganda are part of the rainy season. In the very high north on the border with Sudan, the areas are again so dry that sometimes no rain falls for years. These areas include the Kidepo Valley National Park.

The second dry period of southern Uganda falls in the period from December to February. It is somewhat rainier than the very dry months in summer, but it gets a bit warmer during the day around 28° Celsius. During these months, northern Uganda also has a dry season with warm temperatures and little rain.

Uganda's first rainy season lasts from March to May and is characterized by increased rain - especially in April - which makes travel difficult. Roads and trails can be very muddy, and the tracks of mountain gorillas are less easy to track. During the day, temperatures are relatively warm at 28° Celsius and average 16° Celsius in the morning. In the higher national parks, it gets a bit colder. In the north of the country, however, it gets a bit warmer during this rainy season.

Uganda's second rainy season is in November. The only difference is that the rain showers are a little less heavy. Daytime temperatures are comparable to the first rainy season at 28° Celsius.

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