A map with a pin in Uganda
Dana Leidel
Written by: Dana Leidel Last updated at: February 19, 2024

Safety in Uganda

The security in Uganda is generally considered stable, and the country is considered a safe destination. The country has made great strides in terms of stability and security in recent years, so tourism is also growing. Nevertheless, there are some points to consider:

Crime: As in almost all countries, there is a certain amount of crime in Uganda. It is advisable to be vigilant in urban areas, especially in crowded areas and public places, and to keep valuables safe.

Terrorism: There have been isolated attacks in the past, most recently on November 16, 2021, but the Government of Uganda has security measures in place to prevent terrorism. It is recommended to review current travel advisories and warnings from government agencies and be alert to potential risks.

Natural Disasters: Natural disasters such as floods, landslides or droughts are also not uncommon in Uganda. It is advisable to pay attention to weather conditions and obtain information about possible risks.

It is recommended to check your own government's travel advisories and warnings before travelling to Uganda and to follow local regulations and instructions. Then nothing should stand in the way of a safe and wonderful trip to Uganda.