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Best time to travel and climate Republic of Congo

Best time to travel and climate Republic of Congo

Written by: Anja Sterker Last updated at: June 26, 2024

The climate in the Republic of Congo is determined by its location on the equator. Rainy and dry seasons take the place of the seasons we know. The two rainy seasons are predominant: Once the long, which goes from January to May, and the short, which begins in mid-October and lasts until mid-December. Basically, tropical weather prevails in the rainforest, while the Atlantic coast typically has lower humidity.

The rainy season peaks in March and November, which is characterized by extreme sultriness, hot days and tropical nights, and high rainfall. March has an average of eleven rainy days, while November has thirteen. Only in the interior of the country, the second rainy season is already in full swing in October and weakens slightly in November. The southwest has the most rainfall during the first rainy season in April. All in all, the rainy season is not recommended for a trip because it is too humid and the rainfall is so high that unpaved roads are no longer passable after a short time. The dry season runs from June to September (though on the coast only until August with the completely rain-free months of June and July), with the lowest temperature in July. Thus, this month is the best time to travel throughout the country: With a maximum of 17 to 29.5 degrees Celsius at night or during the days, depending on the region, and very little rain for rainforest conditions, July is the most pleasant time to travel through the Republic of Congo. Also, the humidity decreases with the decreasing rainfall, which is easier to bear, especially for Europeans. In the north, the dry season lasts a little longer than in the rest of the country: Here, there is a short dry period with less rainfall in December and January, which is why travelling to this area is a good idea during those two months.

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