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Rwanda visa: entry requirements for Rwanda

Anja Sterker
Written by: Anja Sterker Last updated at: February 27, 2024

Rwanda visa: entry requirements for Rwanda

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Rwanda is a wonderful country for a trip to Africa. However, before you start your trip to Rwanda, it is important to find out about the visa and entry requirements to ensure a smooth entry.

Visa for Rwanda

For most foreign visitors, a visa is required to enter Rwanda. Fortunately, the Rwandan government has simplified the process of applying for a visa, especially for tourists.

  • Visa on arrival: Travelers can obtain a visa on arrival at Kigali International Airport or at border crossings. This visa is usually a tourist visa and entitles the holder to stay for up to 30 days. The fee for the visa on arrival is usually 50 US dollars for most nationalities.
  • E-visa: An alternative option is to apply for an e-visa in advance via the official Rwanda Immigration website. This allows travelers to obtain their visa in advance and avoid potential waiting times upon arrival.

Entry requirements

In addition to the visa, there are some important entry requirements that you should be aware of:

  • Health regulations: Rwanda does not require any specific vaccinations to enter the country. However, it is strongly recommended that you consult your doctor before traveling to ensure that you have all the recommended vaccinations.
  • Luggage inspection: When entering Rwanda, a luggage inspection may be carried out to ensure that no prohibited items are brought in. Plastic bags are not allowed in Rwanda! Please only take reusable zip bags or cloth bags with you.

The visa and entry requirements for Rwanda are generally straightforward and well organized. By finding out about the requirements in advance and having the necessary documents ready, you can enjoy a stress-free trip to Rwanda and focus on discovering this fascinating country.